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Unique Daycare Craft Ideas With Paper Plates

Child care instructors and directors have a challenging job creating unique art projects to educate and entertain their kids.  Unlike a regular school teacher who has the same class for one school year, a child care provider can care for the same child for several years.  Many child care facilities have a curriculum or educational themes, and coming up with craft ideas to go with those themes that are easy, inexpensive and unique can be a challenge.  To aid in creativity, use the everyday materials you have available in unique ways.  Don’t forget to look at the supplies you regularly buy for the daycare center for craft ideas.  Something as simple as a paper or plastic plate can be used as the basis for many crafts.


Here are some plate ideas:


  • Pouch or pocket – use one plate as the back and a half plate glued as the pocket to decorate a Valentine holder or a pouch for paper numbers or letters.
  • Garden pot – similar to the pocket, but the kids can make their own flowers or plants to cut out and glue in the pot
  • Rainbow – use a half plate to either draw or paint the rainbow colors or apply a fruity cereal in different colors
  • Clock – older children can use the plate to make a clock face by using a paper brad and two paper clock hands
  • Animals – glue two or more different size plates together on the edge to make the head and body of a cat or a spider, for example
  • Sun – paint the plate yellow and add rays by cutting out hand prints and gluing them to the back
  • Earth – paint the plate blue and green to make a replica of the earth
  • Canteen – glue two plastic or Styrofoam plates together towards each other and punch holes in the edge to add string to make a strap, then add a paper soufflé cup turned upside down with part of the sides removed to make the spout.
  • Animal masks or faces – using the back side of a paper plate, let the kids draw their animal face.  Cut out eyes if it will be used as a mask.
  • Pumpkin or jack-o-lantern – paint orange and add either paper leaves or a stem or some black cut outs to make a face
  • Snowman – two or three different size plates glued a the edges gives the shape which kids can decorate with cotton balls, marshmallows, or paint
  • Flowers – by cutting strips inward around the edges, kids can create a flower with petals.


These are just a few of the hundreds of craft ideas using paper and plastic plates.  There are also other common supplies that can be used in creative ways for art projects.

Daycare instructors and directors are always looking for fun ways to educate and entertain their children.  Looking at the supplies already available can yield a wealth of craft ideas that are affordable.  Since these materials are usually bought in large quantities from a daycare supplier, they are very reasonable.  Look at your regular daycare supplies and you’ll come up with lots of new craft ideas!

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-articles/unique-daycare-craft-ideas-with-paper-plates-3234678.html#ixzz12YKLZVLe

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